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Structure of a paper

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The title should briefly and precisely reflect the content of your essay. Generally the title is less than 20 words with no punctuations or abbreviations.

2. Abstract

The abstract consists of purpose, method, result and conclusion. There might be a short introduction to the background if needed. As with reviews, the abstract shall consist of background, content, current situation and future.

The abstract should reflect the main conclusion of your essay, such as change trend, optimized parameters, ideal effect, etc. so as to offer a reference for the reader.

3. Key words

For your essay, there should be more than 4 key words, indicating the research goal, experiment design, charactering method, and final result.

Usually we do not use the words that have appeared in the title.

4. Introduction

The introduction is to explain the importance of your essay. First you should list the background and peer research, and then you identify the advantage or creative point of your research.

5. Experiment

In this part, there are theoretical basis, test method, material and equipment, and main experiment process.

6. Result

List the your result in sequence. Cut your words if it could be expressed by diagram and table.

7. Analysis

Reveal your find and creation, as well as the shortcomings.

8. Conclusion

Summary your final result and respond to your background in introduction part.

9. Reference & Acknowledgement

Name those literatures that assisted your research according to China Standard GB/T 7717-2015: Information and documation-Rules for bibliographic references and citations to information resources.

10. Author Information

The name, gender, birth year, technical title, main research area and email address.

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