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Volume 42 Issue 6
Jan.  2023
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WANG Junbo, LYU Yushan, MU Li, LI Xingshan. Effect of abrasive pattern on grinding micro-groove drag-reduction surface[J]. Diamond &Abrasives Engineering, 2022, 42(6): 738-744. doi: 10.13394/j.cnki.jgszz.2022.0031
Citation: WANG Junbo, LYU Yushan, MU Li, LI Xingshan. Effect of abrasive pattern on grinding micro-groove drag-reduction surface[J]. Diamond &Abrasives Engineering, 2022, 42(6): 738-744. doi: 10.13394/j.cnki.jgszz.2022.0031

Effect of abrasive pattern on grinding micro-groove drag-reduction surface

doi: 10.13394/j.cnki.jgszz.2022.0031
  • Received Date: 2022-03-29
  • Rev Recd Date: 2022-06-27
  • In order to study the effect of abrasive arrangement pattern on grinding the surface of structured grooves, grinding wheels with three different abrasive orderly arrangements, namely phyllotactic pattern, staggered pattern and array pattern, were used to grind a flat surface. Firstly, the mathematical models of the three abrasive arrangements were established. Secondly, the parameters of grinding wheels were designed according to characters of drag reduction on structured groove surface. And the MATLAB was used to simulate the grinding process, the results of which were compared with the theoretically calculated values. Finally, the reliability of the model and simulation was proved by grinding experiment. The results show that all the three orderly abraive arrangements can be used to grind the micro-groove surface at a grinding depth of 0.050 0 mm, while the axial distances of adjacent abrasive rows are 0.04 mm (phyllotaxis pattern), 0.40 mm (staggered pattern) and 0.80 mm (array pattern), respectively. The groove surfaces ground by the grinding wheels with array abrasive or staggered abrasive are more stable, but the groove parameter ratios cannot meet the requirement of 0.2~1.0. By using the grinding wheel with phyllotactic arranged abrasive, the machined grooves meet the requirements on feature parameters of drag-reduction surface.


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